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Franchisee Hukka Treat @ Food Xpress ®

Today, we are a brand in Chattisgarh. You have the opportunity to join our esteem group. Please go through the Business Proposal, Application form and requirement for the franchisee.

Welcome the lucrative option to entice the Taste-buds of millions in a healthy way. With 2 years of expertise in serving delicious and yummy variations of Dishes and Flavoured Hukka'S, we ensure you a soul-stirring experience at Hukka Treat.We offers you world's widest menu in Hukka Treat and is perhaps India's single most popular food service retailer. Explore more than 250 Variety of fruit flavoured Hukka'S. Be a part of the growing Hukka Treat @ Food Xpress family that now spans all over India and is rapidly laying its firm foundation in the international market. Join the passionate Hukka Treat team that has absorbed the company's goal of ensuring customer satisfaction in all its endeavors. Hukka Treat is the sole runner in the category of Indian, Chinese,Mexican & Italian cuisines that has gained popularity nationwide for its innovative approach and wide varieties of recipes and flavored. From a humble inception, Hukka Treat grew into a lavish success story that it has become today. It has sailed different waves and seen different tides before achieving its current position - India's fastest growing food and flavored Hukka chain with Multi cuisine Restaurant. The company sees the current success as mere milestone in its never-ending journey of growth and improvement.

Business Proposal

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